What are our references?

Our main business references


German communication training of Factory Manager

"I found the ReformDeutsch communication training very useful, flexible and as well as a fast learning method with practical examples on the day-to-day business. The method of memorization by images, CD's and repetitions made faster the processing of information. The method was definitely effective for me, due that at the few weeks of having started I was able to understand quite a lot and to communicate my ideas and comments. As time went by, fluency and grammar were developed without awareness. Of course, I would recommend the ReformDeutsch communication trainings. Very usefull for bussy people."


Carlos Aragón, Factory Manager Roof Systems, BOS Automotive Products, Irapuato, Mexiko



Preparing the CEO for a presentation in German


The Gerbeaud Café with its 157 years of experience is one of Europe’s most prestigious stores. Their traditions have remained maintained until today. Besides managing their café, they are represented in almost every catering branch.

“I stumpled upon the ReformDeutsch method by chance and I received a service that highly surpassed my expectation. I can only recommend their services, since they are well prepared for anything and quite flexible.”

Katalin Pintér, owner and CEO, Gerbeaud Gasztronómia Inc., Budapest, Hungary



Specialised training for the employees of the milk production department


Bratislava is home to the Rajo a.s., Slovakia’s biggest milk production company. Their customers are served every day with quality dairy products.

“We were fully satisfied with the services of ReformDeutsch. Our cooperation was very positive and we can recommend them to others. Their service was not only of high quality but they were also proactive.”

Ing. Miroslav Zahoranský – HR manager, Rajo a.s., Bratislava, Slovakia



Training of the company‘s engineers in Egypt and Germany


Thyssenkrupp is a diverse international concern with more than 155.000 employees all over the world.

“I was satisfied with the service of ReformDeutsch. Since I liked the quality of their lessons and they were able to adapt to my strict personal schedule, I would only recommend them to others.”

Ing. Attila Andruska, Projekt Manager, Dortmund, Germany



Training the employees of Pampress


Pampress Kft can look back to more than 30 years of experience of work with the confectioning and printing of textel products.

“We were very satisfied with ReformDeutsch’s services. It is good to see that there is a company that is not clinging to old traditions when it comes to language teaching. Their product is developed in a logical and precise way. I always recommend them to my acquaintances and business partners.”

Gollowitzer Barnabás, CEO, Pampress Natural Textilipari Termékgyártó és Szolgáltató Inc., Mosonmagyaróvár, Hungary



Training of international salespersons

Millions of satisfied users are protected by the NOD32 antivirus software developed by ESET everyday.


„We were very satisfied with the ReformDeutsch communicational training. We can only recommend them to others, mainly because of their individual and excellent teaching methods.”


Miroslav Mikuš, EMEA Sales & Marketing Director, ESET, Inc., Bratislava, Slovakia



Communication training for the technical manager of COTHEC Energetikai Üzemeltető Inc.


“I was very satisfied with ReformDeutsch’s service. I recommend it to everyone who wants to broaden their vocabulary and improve their language skills through language training. The lessons are held in the target language, which helps you speak the language more often in various topics. ReformDeutsch is precise, flexible and goal-oriented, so I recommend it to everyone.”

Csaba Somody – technical manager, COTHEC Energetikai Üzemeltető Inc., Győr, Hungary


References from our private students


“Thank you for the classes, I had a lot of fun and I think, I was able to improve my language skills. I really liked the lessons and that there was a lot of repetition in the materials. “

Ildikó (Veszprém) 


“I was looking for an individual course and after I tried the free lesson, I was convinced. To learn at home, at flexible times was very convenient for me. They prepared me for my work in Austria, in only 3 months. I recommend it to anyone. “

Erika (Budapest)

“I started learning German at home with ReformDeutsch in the last months of my maternity leave. I enjoyed it. The teachers were very nice and patient and we only talked in German for the whole 90 minutes of the lesson. After 8 years, I was finally able to speak the language fluently.”

Mónika (Győr)   

“I wanted to sell the products of our company in Austria. My language skills improved so much in only 9 months that now we almost only deliver to them. I use the language for my work on a daily basis.”

Márk (Mosonmagyaróvár) 

“We wanted to find a job in Germany and start a new life there. We managed to do that after completing the 2nd course. I got a job. During the online lessons we got through each of the proficiency levels while we were here in Germany. We managed to fit in here and we both have good jobs.”

Gyöngyi és Sebi (Csorna)

“Thank you, we really liked the lessons and were very satisfied.”

Linda és Krisztián (Dunaszerdahely)


“I started my ReformDeutsch lessons a month ago and after my 8th lesson, I would like to share my opinion with others. I have been learning the language for 3 years now. After I got my intermediate language exam I applied for a course at ReformDeutsch because I wanted to speak the language fluently. Naturally, I had my reservations at first but during the free lesson I realised that this is something else. So I booked the whole course and I haven’t had any regrets. I look forward to the classes every week. The teachers are very nice and they always know, which area I’m uncertain in and they won’t let me go any further until I haven’t acquired that particular knowledge. I was very surprised that only after the 4th lesson I was able to think in German. I had heard it many times before that you have to think in the language, but I hadn’t really understood it yet. At ReformDeutsch, the classes are so quick that there is no time to fully translate the question or the answer, so it is crucial that your brain switches to the language. I couldn’t believe it at first, but I can understand things better know and I use the language more confidently. Sadly, I don’t speak to many Germans normally, but with ReformDeutsch I felt like I can learn the language more efficiently and applying for a job in Germany doesn’t seem like a far-fetched idea. I will of course continue my courses and can only recommend this service to anyone who really wants to learn the language.”

Annamari (Sopron)



References of ReformDeutsch.

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